As a recent MA in Literature, writer, and dedicated Oregon community member, my goal is to use my expertise in close reading, communication, and leadership to bridge social justice and conservation activism in the state that I call home. 

A lot of people might not realize that when you study English, you're really studying how our world is composed of relationships. As literature students, we read philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, geographies and even science as well as, if not more than, poems and novels. My personal work has looked at how people interact with the spaces they live in, and how environmental conditions are shaped by, and shape, identity and social norms.  

I believe in listening carefully and challenging precisely, as well as being kind to dogs and courteous to creatures in general.  My heroes include Audre Lorde, Dolly Parton, Brooke Gladstone and Leslie Knope. 


About Me 



Lewis & Clark College, BA, Departmental Honors

Majored in English Literature, minored in Theatre


Portland Community College, AS

ABA Approved Paralegal Certification 


Portland State University, MA

Graduate Laurels Scholar 

Master of Arts in Literature 

Focus in Gender, Violence and the American West

Feminist, gender, queer studies 

Invisible violence, autonomy, identity, borders, trans studies, self-knowing, phenomenology, social justice. 


Re-thinking Environmental politics

The intersectionalisms of local ecological thinking and policy: history, race, economy, and language.  Wolves in the west, immigration, and violence, property lines, imperialism, nativism, infestations. Carnivorism, predator ecology, co-existence.  

Popular Country Music 

The hidden subversive history of women in country, the secrets of folk traditions, regional identity, capitalist conglomeration, transnational discourses co-opting the rhetoric of the rural poor.  

Community Discourse: how groups make meaning through language 

Internet comment sections, echo-chamber civics discussions, geographically shaped labor communities, urban and rural divides, digital medias and identity making.

Portland State University 

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